Kaaterskill Actors Theater and Petite Productions present
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If you missed these wonderful plays last July, you're in luck!  They're back!
 The man who wrote the beloved American classic, "OUR TOWN,"
brings you two fantastic, funny and fascinating one-act plays,
Friday, April 28th,  Saturday,   April 29th  and  Sunday, April  30th

Thornton Wilder was a 20th Century literary giant who not only won three Pulitzer Prizes, but wrote "Our Town," a play so popular that it has been performed somewhere in the world almost every single night since it opened in 1938.  His play, "The Matchmaker," was the basis for the musical comedy smash, "Hello, Dolly," and he wrote the screenplay for one of Alfred Hitchcock's best films, "Shadow of a Doubt."  His seven novels include "The Bridge at San Louis Rey,"  "The Ides of March" and "Theophilus North," which was adapted for the screen in 1988 as "Mr. North."  Throughout his career, he wrote more than thirty short plays, of which "The Long Christmas Dinner" and "Pullman Car Hiawatha" are among the most popular. Kaaterskill Actors Theater and Petite Productions  are delighted to bring you the work of this great American original.